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“Bel Canto by Candlelight - Where Opera Meets Bluegrass”

June 11th 6PM Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez

Dear SYVJC Community and Supporters: “Bel Canto by Candlelight“ is back!


Although Conscientious Contributions (dues) make up a substantial portion of our income, “Bel Canto by Candlelight”, is essential for the fulfillment of our mission. It allows us to be an open and inclusive community, allowing all congregants to participate regardless of their resources.


Begun in 2009, Bel Canto by Candlelight is the flagship fundraiser for the Santa Ynez Valley Jewish Community (SYVJC). Although revenue is dependent on ticket sales and auction items, we would welcome donations that would help underwrite portions of our more significant expenses.


  • Piano rental:         $3,000

  • Opera Singers:      $5,000

  • Catering:              $7,000

  • Wine:                   $3,000

  • Rental:                 $5,000


Contributions above $2,000.00 would include one ticket for premier seating and inclusion in the program (unless specified otherwise).


Your patronage will be instrumental in continuing our presence as a strong and vital Jewish community that serves both the valley and surrounding community.  



SYVJC Board of Directors

Questions? Contact Susie Margolis Pierson @

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